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I know this is not what some of you want to see, it’s really not but all of you need to know the dangers of using rat poison. Rats eat the poison and the owls eat the rats. Then ends up slowly killing the bird from the inside out. There is plenty other alternatives to using rat poison. I had stumbled upon this little guy because a friend had texted me and told me that he was in a park near my house so…. needing a falconry great horned owl I went to go get the baby to imprint it and use it for falconry but Instead i found the mother hoping from tree to tree around the baby, that died about an hour before I got there. so please everybody think About the consequences your actions will have on the environment and the beautiful majestic creatures that you would inhabit it.


Buff-fronted Owl, very rare owl specie from South America





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a skull that connects to my spine hbu

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Tasmanian Masked Owl (i) by Nuytsia@Tas on Flickr.
Tyto novaehollandiae subsp. castanops (Tasmanian Masked Owl) at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart, Tasmania.